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VBISBAR Forms - Printable

The Foundation Declaration Form is the form that is used to declare all foundations that are being used in the Valais Blacknose Sheep Breed Up Program. The Declaration will record the foundation Ewes and will include a recordation certificate as well as pedigree if that is iplicable.

The Work Order and Fee Schedule Form is the form that members complete when recording their crossbred Ewes and Wethers, registering both domestic purebred and 100% purebred Valais Blacknose. All fees are listed on this form along with complete instructions and regulations.





The AI (Artificial Insemination) Form must accompany any recordation and registration applications if the conception was AI. This form will include a list of all Ewes bred through LAP AI as well as their ear tag numbers. Rams used through the LAP AI system must be recorded on this form for each individual Ewe that the frozen semen was bred with. This form needs to be signed and verified by the AI Specialist that performed the LAP AI.



The Registration Application Form is the form that members complete for all recordation's of crossbred Valais Blacknose Ewes, and Wethers as well as all registrations for both domestic and 100% purebred Ewes and Rams.


The DNA Application Form is the form that members complete for certifying DNA authenticity of all seep in the registry.

All foundations and all offspring must be DNA'd through the VBISBAR registry. Wethers DO NOT need to be DNA certified.

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