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Register Your Sheep

When you register your flock with a reputable registry you are supporting the Swiss Valais Blacknose Sheep as well as the breeders promoting to meet the standards of the "Cutest Sheep in the World".

Recordation and Registration Requirements 

All Sheep in the Valais Blacknose Breed Up Program beginning with the foundation Ewes must be recorded and DNA verified. All offspring Ewes must be recorded including DNA verification up through the fourth generation (F4) for the Ewes and the fifth generation (F5) for the Rams at which time will be considered Domestic Purebreds and may be  fully registerable if they meet the Swiss Valais Blacknose breed standards and through approval. 100% Valais Blacknose Rams and Ewes that are from embryos will be reviewed through photos for approval for registration. Each sheep that is submitted for registration by the breeder MUST provide pedigree along with individual photos of each sheep being registered as well as from who and where the embryos were purchased from prior to any approval.  All sheep being registered both "Domestic Purebred and 100% Purebred" MUST meet the Valais Swiss Standards to be registered.
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Eligibility for Breed Up Registration

Members in good standing with the VBISBAR are eligible to register their sheep with the registry once the sheep have met the requirements. Ewes in the Breed Up Program will be registrable at F4 and Rams at F5 through approval from the Board.

The Use of Crossbred Rams

All Valais Crossbred Rams are recommended to be castrated until they are qualified as a Domestic Purebred at F5. NO Crossbred Rams are allowed to be recorded with the registry (VBISBAR).
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