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Looking to have that Gold Star on your Valais Blacknose Sheep Registration Certificates?

There are steps that will qualify your flock. These steps will be what makes your flock above the rest.

You MUST meet the Swiss Valais Blacknose Breed Standards by the fourth generation F4 for your Ewes and the fifth generation F5 for your Rams to be registered with the Valais Blacknose International Sheep Breeders Association & Registry. To have the Gold Star on your registrations means that you have used “ONLY Maximum Points Genetics throughout your breeding which includes embryos as well as frozen semen. This includes that all sheep including purebreds have the DNA certified certificates to qualify.
For the Ewes that have been bred to other Rams (other than Maximum Points Genetics) you may have those sheep registered through the approval process however you will not have the

GOLD STAR applied to your sheep registrations.

If you are looking for that superior quality in your flock there is a protocol that needs to be followed, one that has been proven successful.


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