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American Classic Valais Blacknose National Show "Entertainment"

Faoileán [FWEEL-AWN] is an Irish word that translates to “seagull”, but can also refer to “one who circles or spins; wild one”. The latter definition describes this musical trio’s sonic style, as they contribute to the thriving contemporary Irish trad scene by lending their original music as well as a fresh perspective on tunes emanating from Ireland throughout history. They maintain a residency at Flounder Brewing Company in Hillsborough, NJ and play regularly in north-central New Jersey and surrounding areas. 


Nathan Bishop fiddles for the trio, leading most of their traditional instrumental melodies. Connor Brogan plays octave mandolin, tenor banjo, and harmonium. Rob Helsel plays resonator guitar, five-string banjo, and Spanish guitar. Connor and Rob share the role of vocalist, trading lead and harmony.

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